Friday, March 30, 2012

Decompiling an Android App "at" Marakana

This time my topic is not directly presented here, you can find it here.
I will just tell you the backgroud story.

So, how comes, that I wrote an article for marakana?
Roughly two weeks ago I attended the Droidcon in Berlin and listened to a presentation by Marko. Marko is one of the founders of marakana (what I didn't know by that time). In the evening, in fact during the socialising part of the Droidcon, I talked to him because his presentation was very interesting for me and I wanted to know more. That ways we started talking and he told me, that I could write an article for marakana so a bigger audience could read it (because way more people know marakana than my blog).
Well, as you can see, I wrote the article and the counter there is at 139 right now. Even with some people opening it twice or three times it's quite an impressive number for me.

What do we learn from this?

From time to time you gotta leave your "nerd cave" and talk to random people ;)


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