Saturday, March 24, 2012

Problems with ADT17/Reverting to ADT16

Yesterday, I upgraded my Android SDK and ADT to version 17, especially because I wanted to see, how I could use the new, generated BuildConfig class.
So, after starting my emulator, a NoClassDefFoundError was thrown, when starting the second activity with an intent.
After some searching I found this solution
Well, I use Maven for my dependencies and that's why that solution doesn't work for me(I just assume, that FoxyKeep is right).

After messing up the whole classpath of my app, I decided to just switch back to version 16.
If you want to do that too, follow these steps:

  1. Download the old SDK (actually I am not totally sure, if it's necessary to revert the SDK, but I wanted to minimise possible errors). Just copy one of the download links and change the version number.
  2.  Replace your tools folder with the tools folder from the old version.
  3. Deinstall the ADT in Eclipse (reverting in Eclipse didn't work for me)
  4. Download the old ADT by taking the link from here and again, changing the number to the desired version.
  5. Install the ADT in Eclipse by following the steps listed under "Troubleshooting ADT Installation"
And now you're good to go. Maybe you have to fix the conversion-to-dalvik-format-failed-error again, but that's all.
If anyone finds a solution for ADT 17, please let me know ;)


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