Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Did you every consider using the zsh?

I guess a lot of you guys use the bash to execute their scripts and to do some funky stuff on the terminal, but did you ever consider using something different?
As far as I know the bash is the standard in Ubuntu, Mac OS X and Cygwin. That ways it is quite normal to use it and to stay with it. I did it the same way.
But then (what feels already like an eternity away) I heard a nice speech about the zsh and its advantages. And now I only use the zsh, at least with my Mac.
I am far away from knowing every aspect of the zsh and even more far away from using all of its "power", but I want to make you think about the tool you use, when starting your terminal.

You can find all the features here:
The feature I like most is the completion. When using the bash and you start to write the command and hit tab your command will be completed or you'll be presented all the choices that fit (I guess you all know that ;) ). In zsh the nice thing is, that I also completes the options.
If you type "ls -" and hit tab, you'll be presented all the possibilities. Ok, for ls the options aren't that complicated, but when you use "ipconfig" it gets way more complicated.

All in all, give the zsh a chance and try it out, I did that and I don't regret it ;)


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