Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting started with Apache Ivy

Well, no big knowlegde sharing today, I just wanna let you guys know what I am up to.
2 days ago I discovered, that there is something called Apache Ivy. I was quite surprised that I never recognised it before.
Ivy is a dependency manager and it seems to me like a good way to keep your Ant build.xmls and to have the (very comfortable) dependency resolution from Maven.

So, my task for the weekend is to find more out about Ivy. I hope I'll be able to write a little bit more on Sunday.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How I can use my time...

I just found a good way how I could use my time a little bit better:
Every day I ride my bicycle 20 minutes to my workplace and 20 minutes back.
During that time I didn't do more than cycling (and taking a look at the landscape ;) ).

Thanks to the book 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know I realised, that I could use my time better:
I started to listen to podcasts on my way.
I am quite sure that I am not the first person who found out that that's possible, nevertheless it just came to my mind a short while ago.

Now I listen to some interesting software engineering podcasts (at the moment Software Engineering Radio and the German heise developer). If you can recommend some more podcasts feel free to leave a comment.

So, try to think about your daily routine and maybe you'll discover (like I did) some time interval you could use better.


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