Thursday, March 5, 2015

camunda BPM Platform OSGi 1.1.0 released

It has been more than half a year since the last release of camunda BPM Platform OSGi (version 1.0.0). The last version was something special because it was the first major release of the new OSGi module for the camunda BPM Platform. Today we release the first minor version 1.1.0 (you can find it here or on Maven Central). So, what's new?
  1. Configuration Admin Service integration with ManagedProcessEngineFactory
  2. Karaf commands now work for version 2 and 3
  3. Karaf assembly module
  4. Platform API integration (OSGiProcessApplication)

Configuration Admin Service Integration

The camunda BPM OSGi module now registers a ManagedServiceFactory when the OSGi compendium classes are present. You can find a description in the README how to use it. I have to say that I really like the idea behind the Configuration Admin.

Karaf commands now work for version 2 and 3

Until today there was a branch open for the Karaf commands under version 3. Since the API our commands implement didn't change from version 2 to 3 the range was "widened" so the imports now cover both versions.

Karaf assembly module

The project now contains a new Maven module. It's called "camunda-bpm-karaf-assembly". The module makes use of the Karaf Maven plug-in and let's you assemble a custom Apache Karaf including the camunda bundles. If you need a Karaf for test purposes you'll be able to quickly assemble a compressed Karaf and use it. Also, the camunda team will add the custom Karaf to the download section next to the other distributions.

Platform API integration

This took a lot of effort and the combined knowledge of Daniel, Roman and me. The changes were lurking for a while inside a branch until they got finally merged into camunda BPM OSGi and the camunda BPM Platform. Again, the README is a good starting point ;-)
For me, personally, the biggest reason to release 1.1.0 is to start working on version 2.0.0. As you can guess from the new major version I have planned some bigger changes. My target is to split the different parts, which are contained in camunda-bpm-osgi into separate modules. I'll post my thoughts soon in the developer forum. Feel free to join the discussion.
And, of course, have fun with the new version and its new features.


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