Thursday, June 11, 2015

camunda BPM Platform OSGi 1.2.0 released

Today (actually secretly last week ;) ) we released camunda BPM platform OSGi 1.2.0. The release only contains a version adjustment to camunda BPM platform 7.3. So if you want to upgrade your version of camunda BPM platform, you can now enjoy the OSGi extension without worries. As always, if you have some remarks or find some bugs, please let me know.


  1. Do you have any docs on how to install it on ServiceMix or Geronimo? Where can I download it to try? Thanks!

    1. Dear Edu,

      I am sorry that my reply took so long, I am currently quite busy with university. You can download version 1.2.0 from Maven central or Github:

      Unfortunately, I cannot provide any documentation about Geronimo or ServiceMix. Basically, inside Geronimo you should be able to use camunda like any other OSGi bundle, because it includes an OSGi framework. ServiceMix is more complicated, because it is more integrated with Activiti (although Activiti OSGi lacks many features camunda OSGi provides). I would really like to try to run camunda inside ServiceMix but couldn't find the time so far.


  2. Hi, I would try it with Geronimo, I already have some developments with this App. Server, and would be interesting having a powerful process manager like Camunda on it for future developments. Thanks!

    1. I'd like to hear about your experiences when you're done.



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