camunda BPM OSGi: the new OSGiELResolver


Some of you may know that I am the maintainer of the camunda BPM OSGi project.
Several weeks ago I started to implement a new ELResolver (EL = expression language) and because it's finished now I want to do some shameless self-advertising for my work ;-)

The problem

The "old" ELResolver had some limitations: It could only work with one kind of classes (those who implement the JavaDelegate interface) and you had to register the ELResolver as service listener.
Also, the implementation depends on Blueprint because it used the registered component id to find the classes.

The new OSGiELResolver

The new OSGiELResolver doesn't have those limitations. You can use it theoretically with every class and it doesn't depend on Blueprint. If you want to know more, please have a look at the updated README. I would be happy if you could give me some feedback or ideas for improvement.

So far for now. I'll try to put together a more advanced example, soon.

Please note: this change breaks the API because I moved some classes, so this version would be a new major version number, if it weren't for the snapshot ;-)